Vancouver, BC

Bulgaria, laid back in time

Salon de Vin

Located next to the Black Sea, Bulgaria has it all, wooden mountain ranges and laid back in time villages that mixes and spices the country up with vibrant modern cities and very long sandy beaches. Bulgaria is perfect for family vacations, full of foreigners willing to top up their tans and enjoying a very different summer holiday, some of the…

Vancouver, BC

Sofia biggest city in Bulgaria

Antique but still developing Sofia

The biggest city in Bulgaria is its capital, Sofia, known as the most walkable capital in Europe, usually tourists pass by Sofia to get to ski resorts, leaving the young, dynamic vibe undiscovered. Bulgarian culture and history is rich with architecture, cuisine, customs and traditions. Geographical position of Bulgaria is situated in Bulgaria…

Vancouver, BC

Travel in Europe

Top Destinations

A great place to go in the winter time. It is a very inexpensive time to travel. Your accommodations will be much cheaper and forget about waiting in line. It makes sightseeing a breeze. Basking in the sunshine, you will find the Mediterranean a marvellous place in the winter time. Here are a few tips on where to go and stay while…


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